DIMH Digital webinar with Ryder Architecture:
Collaborating to save lives through good design


We're delighted to share the content and resources of our webinar with Ryder Architecture as part of our involvement in Design in Mental Health Digital Week 2020.

Ryder Architecture, in partnership with Cornwall Partnership NHS Trust, designed Sowenna CAMHS to create a facility that is not only close to home, but one which carefully considers the needs of the young people, their families, and the clinical staff providing essential care.

At 46%, doors represent the most significant source of ligature-based suicides in inpatient mental health settings. 

That's why, during our webinar, we discuss with Ryder the importance of including the right doors for Sowenna and how this forms part of the architectural journey. 

Watch the webinar in full below:



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Other useful resources

During the webinar, we mentioned a few associated resources.  You can find links to these below.


En-suite door: Abuse testing

Designed to withstand extreme abuse, the pivots are tested beyond the levels set by current industry guidance.


En-suite: Weaponisation testing

The soft, lightweight en-suite leaves are difficult to swing and minimise the risk of weaponisation.


Anti-barricade: MSU full door abuse testing

Full body weight impact applied to the full doorset.


Anti-barricade: MSU abuse testing - pivots only

Full body weight impact applied to the pivots alone.



We invited Bradford District Care NHS along to our Glasgow workshop to discover the rigorous testing process our anti-barricade doorsets go through and understand why we're so confident in its safety and robustness.

You can watch all of the testing videos here.