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Together, we design for good. We work with Clinicians at Healthcare Organizations, Architects, and Estate Managers to find solutions for at-risk people.

We work hard to contribute to safer environments that aid comfort and recovery whilst providing long-term financial benefits for our clients.


Our Behavioral Health Products

Our award-winning range of anti-barricade doorset solutions and a wide range of ligature-resistant products were designed by an in-house team of engineers specializing in designing for challenging Behavioral Health environments.

Anti-Barricade & Ligature-Resistant Safety Door Sets


Working with Behavioral Healthcare organizations, we provide doorsets that balance safety needs with aesthetics and function that supports patient recovery.
Product highlights:
Swiftstop Anti-Barricade Door


of suicides within inpatient behavioral health environments involved a door. The door handle or door hinges were the most used fixture point.

Doors and components greatly impact patients' lived environment, comfort, sleep and recovery speed.

Full-Door Ligature Alarm


We have created the world’s first and only full-door ligature alarm system for behavioral health environments, which detects ligature attempts across the entire door.

53% of suicides within inpatient behavioral health environments involved a door. 

Our anti-barricade door sets include a wireless full-door alarm. We’ve turned the entire door into a weighing scale that detects vertical loads over 11 pounds.


Mental Health Door Alarm

Working with behavioral healthcare providers Worldwide.
Behavioral health doors fitted with no reported suicides.

Ligature-Resistant Bathroom Door

Ligature-Resistant Bathroom Door

A secure door that resists ligature has been created through collaboration with design specialists and medical professionals from various parts of North America.

Our ligature-resistant bathroom door recently became the first to be approved by the behavioral health design guide trifecta:

Specifically designed for behavioral health patient bathrooms, our solution can promote safety within behavioral health hospital rooms while also preserving the privacy and dignity of patients during their journey toward recovery.



of inpatient suicides occur by hanging

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Meet the Founders


Together, we design for good - hear our story from our Co-Founders, CEO Philip, and CPO Martin
Safehinge Primera Founders

What our customers say


Richard Nenneau, VP of Behavioral Health, Penn Highlands Healthcare

"A reliable, ligature-resistant solution was the key for us. The overall design of the bathroom door is impressive, from colour choices to build. The research behind the solution and the fact that it has been well thought through, rigorously tested, and proven to work on other sites made it stand out to us."

Dr Barbara Vann, Chair, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

"The feeling you have in this building is that this is somewhere that is safe, comfortable, and pays attention to my well-being and mental health."

Bob Anderson, Senior Architect, Dundee City Council

“We wanted a durable finger guard that also looked good and could be integrated into the building design. The impact from wheelchairs and trolleys can cause damage to building fabric. We found retrofit plastic and fabric finger guards unattractive, bulky and shorter life - information provided suggests a lifespan as low as 6 – 12 months. We were keen to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs”.

Rodney Van Nest, Chief Operating Officer of Appalachian Behavioral Health

"Patients love the privacy the en-suite doors provide versus the shower curtain they had before, and the staff really love them."

Awards & Accolades

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    Design in Mental Health Product Concept Innovation Award for Older People Door with Full-Door Ligature Alarm

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    GOLD at the Nightingale Awards (Healthcare Design Expo & Conference) for Anti-Barricade Doorset

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    CHAS Accreditation

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    Design innovation for quality improvement Award (European Healthcare Design) for Full-Door Ligature Alarm with Online Status Monitoring

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    Design in Mental Health for Product Innovation of the Year

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    Design In Mental Health Product Innovation Award for Full-Door Ligature Alarm

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    Design in Mental Health Product Innovation Award for Anti-Ligature En-suite Door

  • Award Icon

    Design in Mental Health Product Innovation Award for Swiftstop Anti-Barricade Doorset

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    BBH Building Better Healthcare Award for "Best Product Improving the Patient Experience”

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    Glasgow Business Awards - Innovation Award

Case Studies

Learn about some of our design projects in behavioral health environments.


Penn Highlands Dubois building-3

Pen Highlands Dubois

Penn Highlands DuBois has a long-known history of delivering expert health and wellness care to their local community. The organization earned a reputation for innovative therapies and modern facilities. While researching an anti-ligature door solution for the newly built mental health facility, they've considered several options. Find out why they've selected our product.

Medical City, McKinney TX

Medical City

With over 90 years of healthcare service for residents of McKinney and northern Collin County, Medical City is now a comprehensive care hospital with 260 beds, offering a variety of services including cardiovascular, neurological services, and general surgery.  They got in touch with us to discuss a major refurbishment and we're delighted to have supplied over 50 of our bathroom doors.

St Peters Health Center, Helena MT

St Peters Health Center

St. Peters Health is a hospital that aims to provide the best health and compassionate care for people and the community. They approached us in need of a bathroom door that fit this vision; that’s why we suggested our safer bathroom doors for behavioral health bedrooms. Our bathroom doors were fitted throughout wards, with  feedback being extremely positive.



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