14 October 2022

Safehinge Primera wins gold with their Anti-barricade Doorset 


The Swiftstop Anti-barricade Door has won gold in the Nightingale awards at the Healthcare Design Conference + Expo.

This award is for exhibitors at Healthcare Design Conference (HCD) who have products that were introduced to the U.S market in the last year and make a healthcare environment safer for users.

We were delighted to receive the top spot within the Architectural Products: Non-Clinical category. Philip Ross, the CEO, had this to say:

"We're excited that our company value of "Dedicated to Design" was recognized by experienced judges. It's a stamp of approval for all the feedback we've gained from people with lived experience, clinical staff on the front line, and facilities teams who maintain these spaces - and of course, the design skills and knowledge we've accumulated over the past ten years. 

“We focus on new ideas to improve the patient and clinician experience and existing products."

Swiftstop Anti-barricade doorset prevents patient suicide

Our doorset was designed in collaboration with healthcare professionals and patients. In an emergency, it allows staff to access a patient's room in just 2 seconds, potentially saving lives.

The Swiftstop Anti-barricade Doorset maintains patient privacy and dignity without compromising safety. It is designed to keep patients safe while ensuring staff can gain reliable emergency access. 

  • Overcome the most determined door barricade situations to access the bedroom in an emergency - the fastest anti-barricade access in behavioral health,
  • Staff can operate from a position of safety, avoiding injury,
  • The doorset is designed with unique door components discreetly built-in, creating a more therapeutic environment and, overall, a safe door preventing ligature risk,
  • Speed of access is maximized, which is vital for staff if they are on suicide alert for patients,
  • Available in various colors and finishes, it can seamlessly tie into any scheme.

The doorset comes with a ligature-resistant mechanical or electronic lockset equipped with five key methods of overriding the lock, ensuring staff can always gain reliable access in an emergency while minimizing ligature points and ensuring safety.

What did the judges say?

This year's Nightingale Awards saw 45 contestants enter the competition. The judges looked for products that positively contributed to or solved behavioral health services. These features include:

  • Aesthetics & innovation
  • Built environment solution
  • Quality

Before HCD opened to the public, the judges viewed all the products at the exhibition. They spoke to manufacturers of each product to learn more about the products and how they can promote recovery in a healthcare built environment.

The feedback from the judges was that they liked the product's non-institutional look and how it would improve a patient's experience and help prevent patient suicide. We were delighted with this feedback as this was the first year we’ve displayed the door at HCD, so to receive an award was an outstanding achievement. 

Philip said: “A big thank you to all who make this happen - there’s a big team at SHP, and this is only possible with our Team Together values.”

Safehinge Primera, as a winner, will feature in next year's January/February 2023 issue of Healthcare Design magazine, so keep a lookout.