Introducing Our Custodial Doorsets: Highly Secure, Robust, and Reliable

At Safehinge Primera, we redefine safety and security with our custodial doorsets. Specifically designed for prison and custodial facilities, our timber-based doors set the highest standards of safety, robustness, and durability, creating secure, mindful, and comprehensive custodial environments, without compromising on accessibility.

In a secure custodial setting, the door is a natural attack point, presenting potential weaponisation temptations. Our expertise and meticulously crafted and rigorously tested doorsets address these challenges faced by both staff and inmates, ensuring the utmost safety and security for your facility’s needs.

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Custodial Doorsets for prison and custodial facilities


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20230609 Holmes Miller - HMP YOI Stirling - interior 033 - Compressed 



Custodial single open outward facing

Inmate & Staff Safety: Anti-Barricade and Anti-Hostage 

Engineered to prevent self-harm and protect against ligature and external threats, our security doors make high risk environments safer for everyone. Anti-barricade and anti-hostage features ensure quick access, diffusing critical situations and creating a safer space within seconds. This considered approach places the well-being and safety of inmates and staff at the forefront of your custodial operations.

Custodial double closed and open

Robust Security Solution: Ensuring High-Strength and Reliable Performance

Our goal is to safeguard individuals and the entire custodial environment. Going beyond traditional security measures, our doors boast exceptional strength. The doors reinforced threshold  protects against both internal and external threats. Our impact resistant design, subjected to rigorous testing, minimises the risks of door hardware tampering, vandalism, and weaponisation. This prioritises the safety of both inmates and staff while ensuring long-lasting performance that withstands rigorous daily use.

Custodial Stirling Interior multiple door view

Mindful Custodial Environments: Balancing Mental Health and Security

We understand that 80%* of inmates suffer from poor mental health. Addressing the significant challenge of poor mental health, our integrated solutions challenge the institutional aesthetics within custodial settings. Merging mental health considerations through our highly robust timber based doorsets, softened visual panel and anti-ligature hardware, with custodial security, such as fire performance and class 1 custodial locks, our doorsets soften the institutional atmosphere, creating an environment that can harmonise mental health and security without compromising safety.


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