We've developed a range of resources to help you make informed decisions about our products.  Whether you're interested in our Mental Health or Finger Guard ranges, we've gathered together useful information to help you select the right products for your projects.

These resources cover product selection and specification, testing, installation, staff training and project case studies - we're with you all the way.


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Door alarm dashboard

Webinar recording: The power of data in mental health

In this 30 minute webinar, we look at the importance of having a lifesaving alarm system that self monitors. We don't expect to test other devices daily to ensure they're working - i.e. cars or smoke alarms - because they give you a prompt to alert you. Herein lies the power of data produced by the world's only full-door ligature alarm.


Clinical roundtable with Cornwall Partnership NHS FT and CNTW NHS FT

A roundtable discussion with Tracey Rogers and Tony Gray on how the built environment can better support clinicians in providing patient care.

En-suite door adopted by logos

You spoke; we listened - addressing your en-suite ligature concerns

During our last Design in Mental Health Online webinar, 60% of attendees told us that doors presented their biggest ligature concern in mental health, with 38% focusing on the En-suite door. Catch up on the recording of the webinar here.

Ligature Alarm Comparisons 2

Solve the biggest ligature risk in Mental Health

Doors present the greatest ligature risk in mental health inpatient facilities. With the integration of assistive door alarm technology increasing, we review the different options available, to help you make the most informed decision.

Introducing new technology in Mental Health

Introducing new technology in Mental Health

In this webinar, P+HS Architects Director Cath Lake and Bradford District Care NHS Deputy Director of Estates & Facilities Simon Adamson join our director Phillip Ross to discuss the role of new technology in creating safer spaces for patients and staff.

NHS Sowenna Centre Bodmin

Collaborating to save lives through good design

Focusing on the Sowenna CAMHS project for Cornwall Partnership NHS FT, we're joined by Ryder Architecture to discuss the Trust's aspirations for the project. We also explore the importance of stakeholder engagement and the impact of selecting the right doors.


Considering Mental Health design from a patient perspective

Inspirational expert by experience Katherine Lazenby joins us for an open conversation about her time as an inpatient. She discusses the physical and psychological impact of doors and how we can work together to improve clinical spaces.


Design considerations of electronic locking for Mental Health settings

In guidance set by the CQC, patient autonomy to lock and unlock their bedroom space is highlighted as a core requirement. During this session we discuss the key design considerations of electronic locking and the role it can play in reducing restrictive practice.


Ligature and self-harm design strategies

Philip Ross and Clare Bowen explore the safety concerns of bathroom and bedroom doors. Discussing safety alerts raised in 2018 on ligatures at all heights and in 2019 on door-top alarms - they highlight that improving the safety of doors is the single biggest impact you can make on patient safety.


Anti-barricade: Lifesaving considerations

Looking back at the 2017 safety alert on the efficacy of push button anti-barricade stops, we discuss the key learning points and considerations for specifying anti-barricade doors and locks.


Lifesaving details of the En-suite door

During this session, we take a deeper look at the En-suite door and the key design considerations. Based on feedback from Estates and Clinical teams, we discuss the main three areas to look at when selecting an En-suite door.

Designing in safety in modern education spaces

Designing in safety in modern education spaces

In education spaces, one of the key design considerations is always safety. During this webinar, we discuss three new-build school projects and how they've balanced safety and aesthetics with our Integral Finger Guards.

Staff training: Anti-barricade doorset

Staff training: Anti-barricade doorset

In these short staff training videos we demonstrate the operation of our anti-barricade doorset, to ensure reliable staff access in an emergency. We also show how to reset the anti-barricade stop once it's been activated.

Staff training: Full-door ligature alarm

Staff training: Full-door ligature alarm

We've developed a step-by-step video guide to operating the full-door ligature alarm. We also demonstrate how to carry out the weekly healthcheck and how to use the dashboard for real-time updates on your doors.

Staff training: Electronic lockset

Staff training: Electronic lockset

In these staff training videos, we focus on the Electronic 5-way SOS lockset. We cover day-to-day use, using the emergency mechanical override, as well as installation, programming, maintenance and battery changes.

Staff training: En-suite door

Staff training: En-suite door

Our En-suite door comes with a staff-only reset option which highlights ligature learning and informs the care plan. This video provides a step-by-step guide for staff on how to reattach the door leaves.

Staff training: Mechanical 5-way SOS lockset

Staff training: Mechanical 5-way SOS lockset

With 5 override methods to overcoming barricades, we've created a step-by-step training video on how to operate the lockset to gain emergency staff access.


Bradford District Care NHS testing workshop

With initial concerns about robustness and our pivot system, Bradford District Care NHS joined us for a testing workshop in Glasgow. We demonstrated the rigorous testing process our anti-barricade doorsets are put through, alleviating their concerns.

Finger guard products

Technical documentation: Finger guards

Access all technical documentation for our Integral and Retrofit Finger Guard solutions. Documentation covers, specification, installation and testing.

Mental Health products

Technical documentation: Mental Health products

View and download all technical documentation for our Mental Health products. Technical detail covers specification, installation, testing, product datasheets and strike plate templates.

Product Testing

Mental Health product testing

We've captured a range of our test methods on video to demonstrate the rigorous testing our Mental Health products are subjected to. We cover abuse, fire and anti-ligature testing.

BIM Finger Guards

BIM for Finger Guards

Access BIM models for our full range of Finger Guard products including Alumax, Alumini and Alufast. These models cover all aspects of the door, allowing you to complete technical drawings faster and specify with confidence.

NBS for Finger Guards

National Building Specification (NBS) for Finger Guards

Access our product specifications through NBS Create, NBS Building and RIBA Product Selector for our range of Finger Guards.

BIM for Symphony Doorsets

BIM for Symphony Doorsets

Designed to simplify the specification process, we've developed BIM models for our Symphony Doorset range with a built-in specification checker. This allows you to select our products and add them to technical drawings with ease.

NBS for Mental Health

National Building Specification (NBS) for Mental Health

Access our product specifications through NBS Create, NBS Building and RIBA Product Selector. Our range of Mental Health doorset, locksets and handles are available as well as our Finger Guard range.

Lockset builder

Lockset builder

We've created a lockset builder tool to help you specify Mental Health locksets and handles with ease. The handy tool provides mechanical and electronic locking options and provides you with a product code for specification and order.

Mental Health case studies

Mental Health case studies

Our Mental Health products are thoroughly tested and widely adopted, so you don't have to be the guinea pig. Take a look at some of the projects we've been delighted to support and understand why they chose SHP.

Finger Guard case studies

Finger Guard case studies

Our range of Finger Guards are specified by over 80% of Local Education Authorities in the UK and are widely used in healthcare, retail and leisure facilities. Check out some of our recent projects.

BRE test guidance

BRE Testing Guidance for Products in Mental Health

Testing guidance developed by BRE to help you make informed decisions and ensure patient safety is not compromised by inappropriate selection of products for use in Mental Health settings.


Aftercare Plan

We are with you every step of the way. Our aftercare offering covers you from the very first conversation you have with us up to ongoing maintenance post-installation.