Anti-Ligature Window Handles for Improved Window Safety

Welcome to Safehinge Primera, your trusted partner in creating safe and secure environments within Mental Health facilities. We understand the importance of providing the best solutions to keep service users safe, so we offer a range of anti-ligature window handles designed specifically for these settings.

With our handles, you can strike the perfect balance between accessibility and security, prioritising your patients' well-being.

Why Choose Our Anti-Ligature Window Handles?


anti-ligature window handles


Our dedicated engineering team meticulously designs our handles to resist ligature attachment. We understand the significance of eliminating opportunities for self-harm or suicide attempts, so our handles feature a smooth and ligature-resistant design. They are free from sharp edges, grooves, or recessed areas where cords or ropes could be looped or tied.


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We believe in providing products that stand the test of time. We construct our anti-ligature window handles with durability in mind. Made from strong materials such as stainless steel or reinforced plastic, built to withstand abuse and attempts to break or dismantle them. Rest assured; our handles are built to last.

Tamper-Proof Fastening

Your peace of mind matters to us. That's why our handles incorporate tamper-proof fastening mechanisms, ensuring they stay securely attached to the window frame, preventing individuals from removing or disassembling them.

anti ligature upvc window handles



Your facility's safety is our top priority. Our anti-ligature window handles meet the highest safety standards and guidelines set by Mental Health organisations and regulatory bodies. You can have confidence in our products.


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We work hand in hand with professionals experienced in Mental Health facility design and safety. Our in-house team are here to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that the chosen handles are suitable for your specific requirements. We understand that every facility is unique, and we're here to support you in creating the safest environment possible.


anti ligature handles upvc windows in mental health



We recognise that window safety is just one piece of the puzzle. A holistic approach is essential for Mental Health facility safety. Proper supervision, risk assessment, staff training, and physical environment design all play vital roles. Our anti-ligature window handles are crucial in creating a safe and secure space.


Types of Window Handles for Every Project

At Safehinge Primera, we offer a diverse range of window handles to meet the needs of every project. Our handles are not only designed to be anti-ligature, but they also incorporate anti-tamper fixings, rounded corners, and chamfered-edged backplates.

We understand the importance of robustness and longevity, so we manufacture our handles from die-cast zinc and solid steel plate. We finish our window handles in satin stainless steel and can even be RAL powder-coated to match any design scheme.

We provide locking window handles that offer different levels of access and security. This versatility allows designers and clinical teams to select the perfect window fittings for each project, ensuring we meet your facility's unique requirements.

Anti-Ligature UPVC Window Handles

We've designed our anti-ligature window handles to be versatile to fit to various types of windows, including UPVC windows.

We understand that modern Mental Health units often feature a range of window styles, from traditional windows to contemporary tilt-and-turns, in timber, aluminium, and PVCu. Our handles are flexible enough to accommodate these different window types, providing a consistent and secure solution across your facility.

With our anti-ligature handles, you can enhance window safety and eliminate ligature points, even on UPVC windows, ensuring a comprehensive approach to creating a safe environment.



We've created a Cost-Effective Solution

We understand the budget constraints faced by many Mental Health facilities.
That's why we offer a cost-effective alternative to replacing entire windows.

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