Meet our team 

As you can imagine from a product design company committed to developing best-in-class products which improve people's lives, our team is an essential part of our success.  With a team of over 40 based throughout the UK, we're continuously raising the standards of the sectors in which we operate thanks to the expertise, energy and passion of our staff. 

You will notice that some of our team have a *WFH* after their name, this is just so you can see who is working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have a number of parents across our team, who will now be juggling work and looking after their children - we would ask for your patience in case you have an enthusiastic toddler join your call or they need to tend to a screaming child.  Our super parents are great at multitasking, but only human.

Gus Thomas

Gus Thomas,
Product Design Engineer *WFH*



Sheena Armour,
Head of Finance


Sebastian Mann

Sebastian Mann,
Business Development *WFH*


Kirsty Ormerod

Kirsty Ormerod,
Accounts Assistant


Kevin Addie

Kevin Addie,
Head of Improvement & Quality *WFH*



Clare Bowen,
Business Development *WFH*


Martin Izod

Martin Izod,
Director *WFH*



Steven Harvey,
Project Manager *WFH*


Lee Ackland

Lee Ackland,
Doorset Manager *WFH*


Philip Ross

Philip Ross,
Director *WFH*


Fiona Hartley

Fiona Hartley,
Marketing Manager *WFH*


Shaun Ridley

Shaun Ridley,
Product Design Engineer *WFH*



Faye Hayes,
Lead People Advisor *WFH*


Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher,
Commercial Sales *WFH*


Ann Quanbrough

Ann Quanbrough,
Finance Manager


Peter Hopkin

Peter Hopkin,
Warehouse / Assembly


Erin 2-1

Erin Murtagh,
Senior Marketing Executive *WFH*


Max Szczerkowski

Max Szczerkowski,
Product Design Engineer


Matt Marias

Matt Marias,
Product Design Engineer *WFH*


Martin Lees

Martin Lees,
Head of Operations - Blackpool


Susan McCallum

Susan McCallum,
Admin / Support *WFH*


Nigel Stanton

Nigel Stanton,
Warehouse / Assembly


Jeremy Young

Jeremy Young,
Product Design Engineer *WFH*



Shaun Young,
National Specification Manager *WFH*


Simon Smith

Simon Smith,
Commercial Sales


Di Lord

Di Stanton,
Warehouse / Assembly


Chris Chambers

Chris Chambers,
Doorset Manager *WFH*


Craig Paterson

Craig Paterson,
Head of Operations *WFH*



Chris Collias,
VP for North America


Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth Stewart,
Finance Manager *WFH*


Garry Hatton

Garry Hatton,
Senior Doorset Coordinator *WFH*



Chris Foster,
Head of Service *WFH*



Paul Harding,
Electronic Systems Project Manager *WFH*



Heather White,
Office Manager *WFH*



Nicky McKenzie,
IT Technician *WFH*



Brian Trueman,
Head of Sales & Commercial



James Randall,
Business Development


David Chadwick

David Chadwick,
Regional Projects Manager



Mick Reay,
Regional Specification Manager


Our teams 

Design engineering team

Our team of design engineers are involved in the design and development of best-in-class products for Mental Health and other environments.

Having recently grown from three to six full-time employees,  they follow a rigorous design process, involving our customers at each stage of product development.  This 'Voice of Customer' approach helps ensure the end result overcomes existing limitations and meets our customers' needs. 

Doorsets team 

Our doorsets team are conveniently located across the UK – in easy reach of our customers.  The majority of their time is spent meeting customers to understand their requirements and help them specify the most suitable doorsets.

As well as assisting with specifications, they also arrange trials or visits with our mobile doorset samples – as some of our products are best seen to be appreciated.

Locksets team 

As locksets are a critical safety product in Mental Health environments, ensuring staff can always get access when they need it, we created a dedicated anti-ligature locksets and handles team.

Including roles from operations to sales, they have specialised knowledge and expertise on our range of anti-ligature locksets and handles.

Partner Support

At Safehinge Primera, our relationship with architectural ironmongers and door manufacturing partners is vital to our success and represents a major part of what we do.  That’s why we’ve created the new role of Partner Sales Support. 

Working with our door and ironmongery partners,  this involves providing specification and sales support for  component sales – including finger guards, anti-ligature locksets and door components for Mental Health.

Supporting roles

Exactly like the Mental Health and Education sectors we operate in, it's the supporting roles at Safehinge Primera which keep the whole operation moving every day.

From admin and finance, to marketing and warehousing, they communicate with our customers, suppliers and partners and ensure the business runs smoothly.  The result?  A dedicated team providing exceptional customer service, saving you time and helping you get what you need when you need it.