At Safehinge Primera, we’ve developed the world’s first and only full-door ligature alarm with live status monitoring by turning the entire door into a weighing scale that detects vertical loads over 5kg.

We explicitly designed our anti-ligature door alarm to detect and alert staff and caregivers in mental health facilities or other high-risk environments when there is an attempt to create a ligature on a door.

A ligature is any material or object a patient can use for self-harm or suicide, such as a cord, rope, or fabric, which they may use to create a noose or strangulation point.

49% of inpatient suicides within mental health facilities use the door or door hardware - door safety in mental health facilities is essential.

The alarm provides an added layer of safety by detecting ligature attempts in real-time and allowing staff to intervene quickly and prevent harm as part of ligature risk assessment.





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Anti-ligature door alarms exist to protect individuals at risk of self-harm or suicide, particularly those who may be under supervision or care in mental health facilities or any other environment where ligature risks may be present.
We designed the alarms with patient and staff safety in mind, and they comply with safety regulations and guidelines to ensure their effectiveness and reliability in preventing ligature incidents. Read about the meaning of Anti-Ligature design in Mental Health environments. 

We have installed our Full-Door Anti-ligature Alarm in 1,500+ mental health bedrooms.
5,700+ Mental health doors fitted with no reported suicides.



Benefits of Full-Door Ligature Alarm

Our anti-ligature alarm has many long-term benefits, outlined below.

anti ligature door alarms


The Full-door ligature alarm immediately sends an alert to the nearest nursing station when a ligature is attempted by a patient, helping to fill in blind spots between observations and minimising ligature learning. This enhances the safety of individuals at risk and allows for timely intervention.

Clinical staff aren’t able to be everywhere at once, so our alarm system helps to fill blind spots between observations with an alert with a ligature is attempted.

anti ligature door alarm


The Full-door ligature alarm addresses ligature risk at all door heights, including the top, latch, and threshold. This comprehensive coverage ensures that any attempt to create a ligature point will be promptly detected, allowing for timely intervention and enhanced safety of at-risk individuals.

We designed the Full-door ligature alarm to detect ligature attempts in their early stages, providing an early warning system to prevent potential harm. This allows for a quick response from ward staff, minimising the risk of injury or suicide risk resulting from ligature attempts.

Ligature risk assessment


Safehinge Primera manages the Full-door Ligature Alarm system, from specification and installation to ongoing aftercare. This reduces the number of tradespeople entering the facility (reducing disruption to patients) and ensures that the system is installed and monitored by the team that designed it, providing confidence in its effectiveness and reliability.

Integration with Existing Safety Measures

Integration with Existing Safety Measures

Our full-door ligature alarms can be integrated with existing safety measures, such as security systems, surveillance cameras, and access control systems, to create a comprehensive safety solution. 

This allows for a coordinated response in the event of a ligature attempt, enhancing the overall security and safety of the facility.

Safehinge Primera offers a complete range of door sets for mental health facilities, engineered by experts and designed for the comfort and recovery of patients. Download the brochure here.



Our Full-door ligature alarms are customisable, allowing settings to be adjusted based on the specific requirements of the environment. This includes sensitivity levels, alarm thresholds, and other parameters, which can be tailored to suit the needs of the facility and the residents it serves.

compliance with regulations

Compliance with Regulations

Our Full-door ligature alarms that cover the entire door, including the top, door frame, latch, and threshold, can help facilities comply with regulatory requirements in mental health facilities. The alarms ensure a safe environment for at-risk individuals and help facilities meet regulatory standards.

While no universal anti-ligature policy applies to all mental health settings, each NHS Trust within a Local Authority or Private Healthcare Unit will have its anti-ligature policy in place based on recommendations from the government. You can read about Anti-ligature regulations and legislation here.

If you are looking for door locks or door components, we have a wide range suitable for mental health facilities.


Key Features of Full-Door Ligature Alarm:

    • Addresses ligature risk at all heights - not just the top, like other door-top alarms
    • Discreetly built-in to the door, minimising ligature learning opportunities
    • Filters out false alarms
    • Integrates with staff attack systems
    • Wireless system with minimal infrastructure, causing less disruption to live wards
    • A unique online monitoring system supports clinical observations by sending staff real-time updates on the status of all alarms from any internet-connected device.

Full-door ligature alarms provide enhanced safety, early warning, deterrence, and customisation options and facilitate compliance with regulations in environments with a risk of self-harm or suicide attempts.
The online monitoring system, single source supply and installation, and integration with existing safety measures further enhance their effectiveness in providing comprehensive ligature detection and minimising ligature risk factors.




The Full-door ligature alarm has a staff dashboard system that allows estates, trusts teams, maintenance, and clinical teams to monitor all doors where the alarm is installed efficiently.

This includes real-time updates on all alarms' status, weekly testing prompts, and low-battery notifications, providing increased peace of mind and efficient monitoring.


“I am happy to say that the full-door alarm system in the first two months [since install] has prevented two suicides already.  For me that proves the investment is worth it."

Simon Adamson, Deputy Director Estates and Facilities Bradford District Care NHS Trust



  • Research and feedback demonstrating the need for full-door ligature detection
  • Key considerations when selecting a ligature detection system
  • Mental health care providers who are saving lives with the integration of the full-door ligature alarm



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Anti-ligature door alarm
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