combining patient independence with safety and security

Our Electronic Access Control is the only system designed specifically for Mental Health inpatient environments, because we understand that patients' thoughts, feeling and behaviours are greatly impacted by the environment and practices around them. 

Something as simple as the independence to lock and unlock their bedroom door can significantly contribute to recovery.  Instead of mechanical keys, doors are operated using access cards, wristbands or key fobs - reducing restrictive practices and giving patients complete control of their bedroom access.

But - patients are vulnerable and their safety is the priority.  That's why our Electronic Access Control (EAC) system has emergency override built in to the lockset, ensuring that staff can always gain access - even in a barricade scenario. 

It also allows staff to monitor access and instantly adjust permissions when necessary, ensuring wards are kept safe and secure at all times. 

Integrated Override Lockset  Electronic lockset with built-in emergency override empowers patients with the  independence to look and unlock their bedroom doors whilst ensuring staff can  gain access in just 5 seconds - no toolkit required
Electronic 5-way SOS Lockset (Smart)  The smart electronic lockset can be used on our Electronic Access Control  system and has the lifesaving 5-way SOS staff emergency override built-in
Vandal Resistant Wall Reader  Robust electronic point of access used to control electronic locks including  BB lock, Electric strike, and Maglock
Access Control Management Software (Integra)  A cloud-based platform with real-time lock plan updates that can be programmed  remotely



We strongly recommend that only the approved credentials should be used with any of our EAC products as third party credentials may not be compatible. 
Our approved credentials are shown below:

AH8_8100 A-1-1-2


We have two design and innovation studios near Preston and Gatwick. We’d be delighted to welcome you to the studios to demonstrate how our Electronic Access Control can deliver a step-change in safety and reduce restrictive practices on your wards.

Or - if you'd prefer a visit from us, our sales team are kitted out with a fully-functioning, portable Electronic Access Control system so you can arrange a visit from your local Account Manager at a time that suits you.