ELEPHANT'S TRUNK handle (730)

ELEPHANT'S TRUNK handle (730)

Designed specifically for situations where manual dexterity is a priority over ligature reduction, our elephant's trunk handle is easily operated with one or both hands.  A ligature point can be created by hooking an item under the handle and over the top of the door.

Available with a flat or recessed back-plate. 


To find out more call us on 0330 058 0988 or email us at info@safehingeprimera.com

Technical details

The Elephant's Trunk is designed to work with two different back-plates – either the 'A' plate (for simple surface mounting in new or retro-fit applications) or the 'E' plate (which allows the handle to mounted on a recessed dish to provide additional space behind the handle).

The dimensions are: 205 x 90 x 3mm


Standard SSS finish plates are suitable for internal use only, for external use please request Service Condition 5 when ordering.  This does not incur additional cost, only an extended lead time.


Testing information

All our anti-ligature handles are independently tested using the Door & Hardware Federation specification – TS001 –for classifying fixed and load-release devices.

All our handles pass at the highest level in their respective categories.  The testing is rigorous, measurable and repeatable – making it a reliable part of your product assessment process.

We’ve proved that our fixed door hardware won’t support ligature attachments with a 0.475kg load on a 0.5mm ligature.

The Elephant's Trunk has been tested and certified to a B4 rating – a ligature can be created vertically upwards using the handle.  As such, this is not recommended for use in challenging environments.