Anti-barricade doorSET training

Our anti-barricade stop is designed to ensure you can gain access to a room in just 2 seconds, with the stop collapsing safely into the frame so it can't be weaponised.

Operating the anti-barricade stop

The collapsible anti-baricade stop is integrated into the frame.  Once released, the door can open outward.

  1. Unlock the door
  2. Stand safely to the side of the door
  3. Activate the stop's release-only mechanism

NB: Always stand to the side of the door when releasing the stop.



Resetting the anti-barricade stop

Once activated, the collapsible anti-barricade stop needs reset for day-to-day use.

  1. Push the door back through to the bedroom side
  2. Using the reset tool, pull the stop back out from the frame
  3. Rotate the reset tool and insert in the reset mechanism
  4. Firmly pull the reset mechanism up