Hackwood Primary School

Project Type: Modular build
Architect: Lungfish
Developer: Morgan Sindall
Partner: FR Scott
Products supplied: Finger Ejecting Guard (Alumini)

Hackwood Primary School Exterior

Photo credit: Morgan Sindall

Based in Derbyshire, Hackwood Primary School is the result of a new housing estate project and £5 million investment funded by the local government. The building is a single storey, one form-entry primary school featuring a large hall, six spacious classrooms and a 26-place nursery.


Hackwood Primary Gym HallPhoto credit: Morgan Sindall

A safe and practical option

A modular school built on 14,000 sq ft, Hackwood Primary features a modern indoor environment flooded with natural light.  The innovative design allows more teaching space to be added in the future.

Having previously worked with us on a range of projects, FR Scott partnered with us for Hackwood Primary. They selected our finger-ejecting guard  to support the safety and practicality needs of the school.

Its robust design with patented finger-ejecting technology reduces finger trapping risks without detracting from the aesthetics of the building. 

Unrestricted access

The clever design includes an aluminium profile which floats into the hinge reveal gap to provide a maximum clear opening width - making it an ideal option for wheelchair access and gym hall doors.

Hackwood opened its doors to pupils in September 2019 and the use of our finger guard products has been met with successful feedback.

Hackwood Primary Opening Day

Photo credit: Morgan Sindall