Local Authority: South Ayrshire Council 
Project type: New build
Architect: jmarchitects
Partner:  DorSuite
Contractor:  CBC
Products supplied: Integral finger guards (Alumax)



As part of South Ayrshire's commitment to improving educational facilities in its rural areas, the council invested £4m to build a new Invergarven assisted needs school on the grounds of the existing Girvan Academy.  Replacing the original building which dated back to 1870, the new school is thoughtfully designed to facilitate the learning and development of the pupils and includes a sensory room, life skills kitchen and hydrotherapy pool.  



Designed with pupils in mind

Working closely with South Ayrshire Council's design team, jmarchitects designed the single storey school around the needs of the pupils.  

A key consideration was the internal doors; ensuring they were safe and accessible.  jmarchitects chose to install our integral finger guard on all of the internal doors - designing out the problem of trapped fingers.

Alumax uses a rounded heel to eliminate the gap between door and frame meaning the hinge-reveal gap remains constant at just 2mm – too small for fingers to get in harm’s way!

Safety without compromising on aesthetics 

We understand that a lot of time and consideration goes into the design of a school - not just the functionality but also the look and feel.  

That's why we put just as much thought into the design of our integral finger guard.  It's so discreet that unless you're looking out for it on the doors of Invergarven ASN, or any environment, you'll barely even notice it's there.  

It's also designed to be robust enough to last the lifetime of the door - removing any maintenance or replacement costs and saving schools between £500-£1,000 per door.