Project Type: New Build

Architects: Squire & Partners

Partners: Door View

Products supplied: Integral finger guards (Alumax)

Noah's Ark Exterior


Completed in Autumn 2019, Noah’s Ark is the first children's hospice building in North and Central London. Known locally as ‘The Ark’, it aims to provide support and a great quality of life to residents and their families. Built on a large nature reserve it strives to be a home-from-home for children who are seriously unwell, giving them the time and space to be children and not just patients. 


Noah's Ark Hall


Friendly design without compromising safety 

The sleek, welcoming design of the hospice and large open ‘play’ environments complement each other in a way that encourages children to be adventurous and spend quality time with their loved ones. Our finger guards support this environment by maintaining a high level of safety without being intrusive.

Comfortable environment with savings built in

Working with partner Door View, we provided 75 Integral Finger Guards which perfectly aligned with the vision for Noah’s Ark.

Our finger guards use a consistent 2mm hinge-reveal gap that reduces the risk of little fingers becoming trapped, essential for children and their families in Noah's Ark. 

Designed to be robust, our finger guards are built to last and withstand wear and tear unlike other alternatives. By choosing our aluminium integral finger guards, The Ark is able to save up to £1000 over the lifetime of each door.

Noah's Ark Interior