Trust: South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Project type: Ongoing refurbishment – live ward
Mental Health discipline: Adult in-patient services 
Products supplied: 5-way SOS (Staff Override System), Pinch grip anti-ligature handle


As part of an ongoing refurbishment at the Priestley Unit and Priory 2 Ward in South West Yorkshire NHS FT, a mixture of old locks and handles needed to be replaced due to safety concerns with clutched cylinders and the insufficient grip offered by some older handles.  

They chose our 5-way SOS (Staff Override System) anti-barricade locksets and Pinch grip anti-ligature handles throughout.


Managed service: Offering quality and peace of mind

As a refurbishment project, existing ironmongery was being removed, so close attention was paid to the quality of fitting and maintaining the fire integrity of the doors.  

That’s why we managed the project – through our supply and fit service.


  • Martin Lees – our access control and installation manager – was involved throughout the specification and survey process, ensuring appropriate products were chosen – including repair plates to minimise remedial works and intumescent lock wraps to maintain fire compliance
  • Our installation partners were carefully selected for suitability of working in live Mental Health environments and trained off-site.
  • Martin was onsite at the start of the installation and remained involved to oversee the project
  • Once completed, Martin completed a door-by-door check – signing off each to confirm the anti-barricade functions were working, ready for an emergency

Staff training: Providing confidence in a crisis

Our locksets save lives. They have five override methods to ensure staff can overcome any barricade. However, they are only safe if staff are properly trained. Martin provided staff specific training to the estate team and clinical staff – ensuring they could confidently operate the locks in a crisis.

Our 5-way SOS video also serves as a helpful refresher for clinical staff:



Peace of mind: Ensuring staff get access

Throughout both units – 23 bedrooms at Priestley and 22 at Priory – our 5-way SOS (Staff Override System) lockset was installed on all high-risk rooms: bedrooms, interview rooms, ward offices and toilets. 

  • Provided consistency, making it easier for staff to operate doors in stressful circumstances
  • Simple barricades are ended quickly because the staff key dominates the internal turn-pull
  • There are four additional override methods for determining barricades, ensuring staff can overcome any barricade.