28 January 2020

Danish health system Region H visit Safehinge Primera on international learning trip

Together with Scandinavian partners Arkisafe, we recently worked with Region H to install an anti-barricade door on a trial basis in one of their hospitals in Copenhagen.  After receiving positive feedback about the trial door, we felt it would be valuable for Region H to visit a live ward where our anti-barricade doors have been installed for over 2 years. 


Thanks to Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, we were able to show Region H around the Brunswick Ward within Mill View Hospital which uses our doors for patient bedrooms, communal areas and staff-only areas.


Sussex NHS are a wonderful example of how UK healthcare providers are at the forefront of providing safe spaces for recovery and we're proud to say we worked closely with them on the innovative design and build of the Brunswick Ward.

During our walk around of the ward, we were able to demonstrate how our doors are not only designed to create a less institutional environment, but that they're also designed to last.  Over two years since their installation, the doors all remained in excellent condition - further proving their robustness and durability.




After visiting the Brunswick ward, the Region H team joined us at our design and innovation studio in Haywards Heath, Sussex.  It includes a mock ward with all of our latest designs along with alternative brands on the market. 

They were really impressed by the almost invisible technology of our Full-door Ligature Alarm that turns the door into a large weighing scale.  It allows ligature attempts to be detected by staff across the entire door - including the door latch and the bottom of the door.




We were also able to demonstrate our latest product which will deliver a step-change in patient and staff safety.  Our Integrated Override Lockset empowers patients through having control of locking/unlocking their bedroom door, whilst staff are able to gain access in under 5 seconds in an emergency.




We would like to say another big thank you to Sussex NHS and Arkisafe for facilitating the visit and to Region H for making the trip over.  We're very grateful to have been able to demonstrate the lifesaving details of our products in a live mental health environment - where patients, staff and visitors are interacting with our doors on a daily basis.  





If you would like to visit our Design & Innovation Studio in either Sussex or Blackpool, we'd love to hear from you!  Click here to find out how to arrange a visit.


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