08 December 2021

Movember 2021: Having fun while doing good

Once again this year we pulled together as a team to raise awareness of the importance of men's health by supporting the Movember movement (and had a lot of fun while doing it!)

Why Movember?

On average, men die six years earlier than women. By 2030, Movember has pledged to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25% and we want to help them achieve this. By raising funds and awareness for Movember we're helping to support men facing these health crises:

So, every year in November we support a number of Movember initiatives to do our small part to help reduce the number of premature male deaths.

This year, some of us ran, some of us walked, some of us hosted a mo-ment. Our Blackpool team raised a fantastic amount by hosting a raffle and fancy dress evening in the office!

Movember-2021-team-SHP-BW-1Pictured: some of our Movember champions

Some of us also had personal motivations for their fundraising this year. Our Head of Finance, Sheena, cycled a phenomenal 550 miles throughout the month of Movember and shared her story with us:

"Movember supports men’s mental health and prostate cancer in the main. My family have been impacted by the latter but most will know someone whose mental health is a challenge.

As we roll up to the festive season it becomes more of a fight for some and the ongoing pandemic makes it even more difficult. If there is someone you haven’t messaged or spoken to in a while, get in touch. Say hi. Ask if they are ok.

You never know if that contact can break a thought process. Stay safe everyone and thank you to everyone who has supported me in my challenge. 550 miles completed. 24 days riding. Just one Dad."


We moustache you to help...

The conversation on men's health can't stop as the month draws to a close. The men in our lives are facing a health crisis and there's so much more we can do to support them. Even knowing how to spot the signs of a struggle can help someone, make them feel less alone and in some cases even save a life.




How did we do?

We're delighted to share that the team have raised a whopping £2625 (exceeding the amount we raised last year!) and we've had great fun along the way. We'd love to see your Movember efforts too - if you're uploading a picture on LinkedIn (Safehinge Primera) or Twitter (@we_are_SHP), tag us!