Full-door ligature alarm

Turning the door into a ‘weighing-scale’, it constantly checks the load across the whole door – not just the top – raising an alarm when there are significant changes to the load applied on the door.


  • Intelligently filters out false alarms – recognising a towel over the top of a door to prop it open
  • Senses all vertical weight changes so it will detect a low-level ligature attempt using the bottom of the door
  • FD30S rated
  • No moving parts on the sensor, minimising risk of damage from abuse
  • Has active fault detection, alerting you if the system stops operating – protecting precious clinical resource by eliminating arduous testing regimes for current door-top alarms


  • Currently in the final stages of testing and development with multiple live trial sites
  • Anyone interested in the full-door alarm can buy our doorset today, prepared for install of the alarm in the future - it can be installed on a prepared Swiftstop doorset with no on-site machining
  • As with all product developments, there may be unforeseen delays to the launch date

Product Disclaimer

The Full-door Ligature Alarm is designed to provide extra monitoring of the doors it is installed on. It is not a substitute for normal supervisory procedures in relation to people at risk nor is its presence a guarantee that self-harm events cannot take place. It is the customer’s responsibility to fully assess the suitability of the product for the environment in which it is installed and ensure it is used as one of a range of measures to improve the safety of people deemed to be at risk. 


To find out more call us on 0330 058 0988 or email us at info@safehingeprimera.com

Addresses ligature across the door

Addresses ligatures across the door

Existing door-top alarms simply move the ligature risk to another part of the door – like the latch or threshold.

Super discreet

Super discreet

The cover-plate is the only visible component, meaning no loss of door aesthetic or visible tamper points. Staff can perform  routine inspection without tools.

Wireless And Seamless Integration

Wireless and seamless integration

It’s battery operated and there’s no invasive cabling, floor excavations, or remedial repairs – saving over £800 compared to installed door-top alarms. Plus it connects to existing staff attack systems.

Retrofit without disruption

We can supply our doors prepared for the alarm, allowing you to retrofit in future with near-zero disruption.

Retrofit without disruption


At the Design in Mental Health Network 2018 Awards, the full-door ligature alarm won the coveted Product Innovation of Year award – with the judges commenting that it “will undoubtedly improve service user safety”.  

They said: “Safehinge Primera appear to have found a great solution for a long-standing problem – doors and ligature points.  They were selected not just for the product, but the time taken to research and then trial this solution.”

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