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What happens when a bedroom door breaks beyond repair within a mental health inpatient environment?

Research we’ve conducted in collaboration with NHS Trusts and private healthcare organisations showed that the current mental health replacement process typically involves 8-10 weeks for the new door to be installed. As a result, the bedroom becomes unsafe for use, and with hospitals running at full capacity, this may result in the need for service user relocation. Those relocations can be deeply distressing for the service users and often create significant financial and operational stress for the organisation.

Our solution is a 5-year Robustness Guarantee with a 7-day door replacement promise, part of our Door Care Package offer. This calculator has been designed to help you discover cost savings your organisation could gain by taking advantage of our unique guarantee.

Cost savings based on 150 doors

Current Estimate of costs associated with broken doors

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Safehinge Primera Door Care Package Customer Cost

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Cost Saving Opportunity Over 5 Years

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