Full-door ligature alarm:  staff training 


Turning the entire door into a weighing scale, our anti-barricade doorsets with wireless full-door alarm detect vertical loads of over 10kg - immediately alerting clinical staff to a ligature attempt.





Operating the Full-door Ligature Alarm

A step-by-step guide for responding to an alert of a ligature attempt.

  1. When the alarm sounds, check the nearest display panel to identify the room
  2. Once at the room, open the door more than 30 degrees
  3. Once the door has been opened* and the situation inside the bedroom has been evaluated, reset the alarm using either:
    - the fob
    - reset key
    - 'accept' button on the display panel 

*Note:  The door must be opened before the alarm is manually reset or else the alarm will continue to trigger every 15 seconds.




Carrying out the weekly healthcheck of the Full-door Ligature Alarm in test mode

A step-by-step guide to carrying out an 'at door' test of the door alarm.  This does require use of the magnet fob to put the door into test mode.





Using the Full-door Ligature Alarm dashboard

A step-by-step guide to using the dashboard developed to provide real time updates on any device.