electronic lockset (passport) training 

Passport operates on our smart platform – enabling remote programming, and real-time updates and reporting.  It combines safety and speed of access with convenience and service user empowerment, and it's build specifically for Mental Health environments.

Emergency: Mechanical override procedure

While determined barricades are rare, clinical staff need to know they can always get in.  That's why Passport locksets have a mechanical override system, to overcome even the most determined barricade attempt, or in case of lockset damage.

  1. Fetch the emergency override kit (red case) from the nurses' base
  2. Unscrew and remove the cover plate on the door lock (black lock body)
  3. Slide the T-bar tool onto the slide, and rotate it to unlock the door and enter



General: Day-to-day use


  1. Operating the door lock in normal use
  2. Using the emergency override system
  3. Replacing lockset batteries



General: Installation, programming and maintenance


  1. Initial setup of the lockset once it's installed on a door
  2. Access card management
  3. General maintenance



Maintenance: Changing the batteries

The middle LED will flash amber continually to indicate low battery state.  Batteries are expected to ask around 12 months, and we recommend they are replaced as part of a suitable maintenance programme. 

Always replace with high-grade AA (LR6) Alkaline 1.5v primary cell batteries (for example, Duracell Industrial AA).