independently testing our anti-ligature handles

Because our products are designed to save lives and are widely used in Mental Health units, we take technical compliance very seriously.

Robust and anti-ligature, our handles are independently tried, tested and proven in the Mental Health environment. They’re also designed for service users with different needs and varying strength and manual dexterity levels.   

TS001 Test 

In the absence of an official British standard for anti-ligature products, the Door and Hardware Federation drew specification TS001 to classify products.  Aimed at addressing the safety of people that may be at risk of self-harm whilst in special care environments, this specification has been adopted by the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers to assess ligature risk.

The table below details the three tests specified in the TS001 – multi-directional, vertically downwards, and load release:


Multi-directional testing 

For fixed hardware and mounting devices, tested in multiple directions; up, down, left, right and away from the mounting surface. 

Test load: 0.475kg 



We test our handles and locksets range against this standard and they pass at the highest level. 

Verically downwards testing

For fixed hardware devices in a downward direction.


Test load: 0.475kg 



We test our handles that are designed predeominantely for manual dexterity against this standard and they pass at the highest level.

Load release testing

For load release hardware devices.


Test wire has a diameter of 4mm



We test our load release, anti-ligature fittings against this standard and they pass at the highest level.



For further information,  the TS001 specification can be downloaded below; 



How our products compare

We use the TS001 specification to independently test all of our handles – and they all pass at the highest levels.  For example our Grab, Pinch grip and turn/pull handles, designed for higher risk environments achieve A4 status.  And our Elephants trunk and Oryx handles, which make door opening easier but are less ligature resistant, achieve B4 status. 

In doing so, we show that our fixed door hardware won’t support ligature attachments with a 0.475kg load on a 0.5mm ligature.




Plus, we have test evidence covering dimensions, material and fixings for four of our door handles – pinch grip PR-4-729, Grab PR-4-731, elephant’s trunk PR-4-730 and recessed PR-4-726: