Local authority: UK-wide
Project type: New build
Architect:  Greig & Stephenson 
Products supplied: Integral finger guards (Alumax)

ASK Bromley 72

ASK Italian wanted an unobtrusive finger guard that would blend in seamlessly with their stylish restaurants across the UK. With its sleek aesthetic and superior safety, Alumax had all the right ingredients.

Customer safety was obviously a concern when ASK Italian started looking for a finger guard to use in their restaurants. But any solution had to offer more than that. It also had to blend in with the clean and contemporary design scheme of each and every eatery.

Durable yet discreet, Alumax’s invisible protection fitted the bill perfectly. The sleek and subtle styling complemented the overall interior aesthetic, maintaining the welcoming environment. And of course, the unique and sturdy design made it almost impossible for customer fingers to become trapped. 


ASK Bromley 49a-1
ASK Bromley 11-1
Working closely with ASK Italian, we even developed a standard spec to use across all their new builds and refurbs.
ASK Bromley 36-1