03 March 2022

Meeting our customer's rigorous safety standards

All of our products undergo our own methodical, rigorous, and repeatable testing. They're also in the process of being independently tested under the Design in Mental Health Network (DIMHN) and BRE initiative to further ensure they are the safest possible solutions for patients and clinical staff.

We understand that one product failure within the mental health environment can have irreversible consequences for so many people. We never take this lightly. That's why it's always a privilege to work alongside mental healthcare providers who share this zero-tolerance approach.

Recently, three NHS trusts carefully evaluated doorsets on the market and selected our products as the safest option. 



Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear (CNTW)

A Trust rated "Outstanding" by the CQC recently awarded us the contract to supply over 380 en-suite doors to improve ligature safety across their estate.

They recognised that our en-suite door was the safest option following an extensive practical evaluation of three other door solutions. With ligature safety the top priority, we're delighted that recent design improvements we have made to our en-suite were in fact the result of collaborative feedback with CNTW as we both look to eliminate suicide risk from the bathroom door. 

Additionally, the trust has chosen to enhance the therapeutic environment by selecting 'Flags and Flares' artwork by Hospital Rooms' Tim A Shaw as the print option for most of their doors.

Tees, Esk & Wear Valley NHS (TEWVs)

Much like CNTW NHS, the trust completed a comparison of our en-suite door against another leading suppliers and concluded that our door represented the safest option.

The extensive evaluation carried out involved their Clinical and Estates teams reviewing both doors in a bedroom and scoring them based upon ligature safety, weaponisation risk, and infection control. Patients will benefit from the new en-suite doors from March of this year as the Trust rolls out over 300 of them across the estate.




Rotherham, Doncaster & South Humber NHS (RDaSH)

Full-door ligature alarm

The trust selected our Full door ligature alarm for their latest refurbishment at Coniston Lodge in Doncaster.

A thorough evaluation of all the door alarm options available in the market concluded that full detection of any ligature attempts across all parts of the door was essential to provide the safety they needed, and the reassurance of live status monitoring meant they would always know their alarms are operational.

Our full-door ligature alarm is the only ligature alarm to offer this level of safety and we are proud to have been chosen by the Trust to deliver this for Coniston Lodge. The Trust requested that the doors be able to alarm in both the open and closed positions and we were delighted to provide this assurance to them as one of our first customers to benefit from our latest innovation.



Electronic lockset with mechanical override

RDaSh have also installed our unique electronic lockset, the only one specifically designed for use in Mental Health facilities, which will provide patients with enhanced independence using their own wristband to access their room and save clinical resource spent locking and unlocking doors.

The built-in mechanical override also provides clinical staff with reassurance that they can always access the bedroom, even in a determined barricade scenario. It really does provide the "best of both worlds" as it blends mechanical and electronic locking into a simple, yet lifesaving, lockset.


Turnkey service

The trust will benefit from our turnkey service, where we survey, design, install, commission and provide all aftercare for the doors and system provided. We look forward to delivering these doors from April of this year and working with all project stakeholders to ensure a successful outcome for all.

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Finally, a huge thank you to all three trusts for your ongoing feedback as we work together on these projects. It's this feedback that informs the continuous development of our products and service.


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