18 July 2016

Construction professionals are now required to be 'BIM ready'


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With BIM Level 2 now mandatory in all centrally funded government construction projects, the importance of being ‘BIM Ready’ is essential among Education construction professionals. 

That's why Safehinge have created complete doorset models that allow construction teams to capture all product info – right down to the lockset and door closer.  This ensures that schools can maintain the door and hardware easily and ensure fire compliance throughout the building’s life.  

They've also identified numerous potential cost savings throughout the supply chain, which will help meet the government’s BIM mandate of reducing the initial construction cost by one third.

Fully Editable BIM models for Revit

Their BIM models are fully editable, allowing construction professionals to use just one model, rather than piecing various parts together.  Plus, the intelligent models check for errors, for example – in the case of structural openings, it will notify you when your door exceeds the maximum allowable opening for fire and mechanical performance.  And the models come with 3D door swing so you can check the doors for clash detection and see where to site a doorstop to restrict the door opening angle.

The complete BIM doorset models also cover but the door, frame and all the hardware.

Specifiers and hardware suppliers can also customise the model using Revit LT and issue a completely specified doorsets for architects to drop into their project.  Again, a clever way to improve efficiency and reduce build costs in education construction projects.