28 April 2020

The Positive Planner

Different things work for different people.  I’m a very visual person and, call me old-fashioned, but I also still enjoy putting pen to paper. Whether it’s shopping lists, life admin or just writing down some thoughts, I find it very therapeutic! 

As you can probably imagine, my flat often has pieces of paper scattered around with various workings on them - a visual representation of all the thoughts circulating in my head at one time.  It’s always worked for me this way - but when the uncertainty of COVID-19 began to build, I found myself becoming more anxious and as though I needed to do something that made me feel more in control of my thoughts.

I started searching online for journals/planners - it sounds simple but I thought this would be a good first step to keeping everything coordinated.  I then came across something that turned out to be just what I was looking for: the Positive Planner.

positive planner

It was a lightbulb moment for me reading the description: 

“The Positive Planner is a beautiful book that helps you work through the fog, find the good in every day, get to know yourself better, and feel in control of your wellbeing.”

And it has done exactly that. I’ve noticed myself being more organised, more positive, and more mindful.  Before I start my working day, I sit down to enjoy that glorious first coffee of the day and spend 15-20 minutes noting down my intentions and objectives.  I have lots of long-term goals, but this helps me live in the present and focus on what’s manageable each day  - which I think during this time is more important than ever. 


Picture of Erin Murtagh

Erin Murtagh